Picto La Piscine  La Piscine


11.04 2017 / 11.06 2017

PictoLa Piscine

In the immediate postwar period, a new eld of creation says color as a specific and autonomous tool to build the environment. In France, pioneers as Jacques Fillacier, Georges Patrix and Bernard Lassus invent a profession at the crossroads of architecture and design : the colourism consulting .With André Lemonnier, Jean-Philippe Lenclos, France and Michel Cler, Victor Grillo, Fabio Rieti, Ryoichi Shigeta, the 1970’s saw the emergence of a second generation of colorists ; some are revealed by a landscaped treatment of colors , others transform space by SuperGraphics motifs while a third approach is embodied in a monumental art. This exhibition has been organized as part of the Georges Pompidou Centre’s 40th anniversary celebrations, in partnership with the National Museum of Modern Art/Centre of Industrial Design – Pompidou Centre.

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